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Expect the Unexpected with BFE DIamonds



your diamonds supplier of choice

" When Talent and Passion work together, you can expect a Masterpiece"


Having direct access to the source enables us to satisfy all our customer's needs with our large variety of products and rarest diamonds at the most competitive prices.


The team of BFE diamonds are experts in the diamond field and the company has its roots in a long family tradition going back to 1907.

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A customer is like a diamond, every customer is unique and has to be offered the best possible service in order to meet all his requirements.

BFE DIAMONDS is a Hong Kong based diamond manufacturing and trading company. The main activity of this company is the wholesale of polished diamonds.


We are active on an international scale with the purpose to supply a large variety of products and services catering to the specific needs of our customers – merchants, jewellery manufacturers and jewellers.

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