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White Diamonds



With its headquarter in Hong Kong, BFE Diamonds offers a diversified inventory of polished diamonds. The wide range of assortments in loose parcel stones and large variety of certified stones by leading Gemmological Laboratories ensures both volume and price-quality to each of our clients. We provide customers with a range of services, including amongst others, experience and expertise, customized assortments, precisely calibrated stones for jewellery layouts.

assortments and polished range


Our product range includes:


  • Parcels of round diamonds from 0.005 carat to 0.90 carat with high-end Chinese and Russian make in different qualities

  • GIA – HRD – IGI certificates (0.25 carat > 1 carat)

  • Exceptional round and fancy shaped diamonds (> 1 carat)

  • Fancy Color Diamonds







All our certified diamonds are certified by reputable gemmological laboratories, only by GIA-IGI-HRD, assuring that the international standards are relied upon by all traders, retailers and consumers.


Jewellery pattern


Our manufacturing and sourcing abilities enable us to create the perfect jewellery piece for each and all of our customers.

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